Here is my volumizing hair care routine, for long-lasting volume, from the roots to the ends...
1. For a deep cleanse, start with the cleansing volumizing paste with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts. Use a tablespoon worth of product and rub into your palms before applying onto your hair. Massage in circular motions until you feel the paste turn to foam and make sure to lift the roots. Add a little water, emulsify, then rinse abundantly. For an intensified effect: let it sit for 2 minutes before you rinse. Alternate the cleansing volumizing paste with the delicate volumizing shampoo that can be used on a regular basis.
2. Follow with the volumizing conditioner with rose extracts to gently detangle and hydrate ends. Apply a small amount to your lengths and ends by delicately massaging and emulsifying. Rinse well.
3. As a final touch, to enhance volume and give your hair long-lasting hold apply a few sprays of the instant volumizing mist with rose water to your roots and delicately massage it in before you proceed to styling. This mist can also be used to refresh your hair's volume and add a subtle scent the next day
Result? Bouncy, shiny and healthy locks!