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The naturally beautiful trend

The trend for straightened hair and structured styles has reigned for a long time, but we're now seeing a new style emerging, which we might call the "nude hair" look.


The aim now is to rediscover the hair's natural feel:

Bounciness and radiance while ensuring lasting freshness and a comfortable scalp. The feeling of having loose hair that falls into place naturally and stays clean for longer. All hair is different by nature, but women all want the same natural look and are faced with various problems. It could be a lack of radiance, shine or color, an itchy or oily scalp or dry hair...


To respond to these needs, I wanted to look into the cosmetic properties associated with vinegar

I was particularly interested in one of them: the variety known as Four Thieves vinegar, which my doctor advised me to drink daily diluted in water. Vinegar received its credentials in the 19th century, when women used it as a perfume and also to soften their skin. Since then, vinegar has remained an iconic beauty secret from generation to generation: use it when rinsing after shampooing your hair for a brilliant shine. I wanted to share this ancestral hair treatment with you by offering lotions based on herbal vinegars. My range of three hair finish lotions was born: fruit vinegar for light colored hair that lacks shine, sage vinegar for sensitive and oily scalps and Hibiscus vinegar for normal to dry hair.


How do you use them to achieve a natural style and hair comfort?

It's very simple. After each wash, spray on damp hair from root to tip as a finishing touch before drying it. You can also use it on dry hair between washes. Simply spray your roots to give your scalp a burst of freshness, help detangle hair and add a touch of delicate fragrance. These multipurpose lotions can also be applied on skin. Ideal for use as an invigorating body lotion after showering! The acidity of the vinegar helps shrink pores more quickly, leaving skin feeling instantly softer and more toned.


An extra benefit:

These lotions sooth sunburn, mosquito bites and have a whitening effect on nails. These lotions are also perfectly adapted for men. Their light formulas with fresh fragrances help sooth the scalp by removing residues from hair products. They also give roots a lift and tone the skin after exercise.