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The multiple benefits of my universal products

Did you know? When I designed and formulated my products, I wanted to try and save you time and space


I know only too well that there is never a spare minute in your diary...

... or an inch of space left in your bag. This is why some of my hair care products contain multiple benefits that go far beyond hair beauty.


My regenerating plant oil with rare prickly pear oil:

Hair : You can use it as a pre-wash or conditioning treatment, but also as a styling product to create a chic wet look or perfectly defined curls. What's more : Its active ingredients nourish and protect the skin, help to heal wounds and also have anti-aging effects... A well-kept beauty secret passed on to me by Berber women in Morocco.


My intense regenerating balm with rare prickly pear oil

Hair : It creates hold and smoothes hair, and it's also your best ally for achieving a “messy” look. It can also be used as a deep nourishing treatment if you leave it on for at least a good hour (or leave it on overnight for hair that needs it). What's more : It also gives skin a treat by hydrating all areas without leaving a greasy film. Ideal for moisturizing chapped lips, hands and feet in winter and as a body lotion, after hair removal for example. It is also a fabulous moisturizing treatment for nails and cuticles. It helps to prolong your tan in summer and will bring relief to sunburned skin. Add a small amount of balm to your bath for baby soft skin, without any greasiness. Use a touch of balm to shape and nourish eyebrows. Mix it with icing sugar to make a delicious scrub for your lips. Finally, men will appreciate the balm's active hydrating ingredients after shaving, or directly on the beard itself to nourish and style it.


My hair finish lotions with botanical vinegars

Hair : My brightening hair finish lotion with fruit vinegar boosts hair shine. My regenerating hair finish lotion with hibiscus vinegar protects against hair loss and stimulates cellular renewal. My purifying hair finish lotion with sage vinegar purifies, restores balance to and soothes the scalp. Applied on dry hair between washes, my lotions refresh the roots and lengths of your hair. What's more : My hair finish lotions with fruit and hibiscus vinegars tone, soften and refresh skin thanks to their fresh fragrances (citrus notes in the first and Calabrian bergamot, jasmine and Ylang Ylang in the second). My purifying hair finish lotion with sage vinegar has a soothing effect on the epidermis and leaves a delicate fragrance of cloves, vetiver and white musk. Vinegar mixed with your body moisturizer helps to close pores for softer skin, protecting it against external aggressions like hard water and chlorine. You can also soak nails in vinegar and water to stop them turning yellow. Finally, spray my vinegar lotions in your bedroom to purify the air and fragrance your home.