Introducing my Temporary color gels

I have been a hair colorist for 30 years, and through the years, I have had to face a number of challenges: extraordinary transformations, color corrections, and color treatments on people with allergies to color processes. My clients are my greatest source of inspiration, and they are also a mirror for upcoming trends. Beauty preferences have greatly evolved, and today, people are getting back to the natural look and self-acceptance. Men and women no longer coming to me with photos of trend-setters, hoping to look like somebody else. Today, they simply ask me, “What color would suit me best?” I regularly notice the same trend when I travel or meet new people. I love this return to simplicity: to feel comfortable and free to be yourself. A great majority of men and women are no longer seeking to hide their natural color: they take pride in it!

However, in this new world of freedom and simplicity, the appearance of the first few grays is nevertheless an unwelcome sight: a new concern that can bother and even become a daily obsession. People would like to cover their grays, but they do not wish to change the color or texture of their hair, and get caught up in the root-effect trap.

I have been working for over five years to bring you a product that will provide the freedom and comfort to blend your first grays.


Introducing, the Temporary color gel!


This color gel, provides immediate coverage. By coating the hair fiber with color pigments without modifying the hair’s structure, it immediately covers grays and adapts to the natural hair color. Each shade blends into the base for a subtle, natural-looking result. The color then evenly fades each time the hair is washed, hence avoiding the vicious circle of the root-effect.

The formula contains a minimum of 92% natural-origin ingredients such as:

Oat flakes – highly concentrated in protein, amino acids and lipids, they are recognized for their protective and antioxidant properties for the scalp and skin.

Inula flower extracts  a plant used in traditional medicine, known to preserve and brighten hair color. It regenerates the hair fiber by stimulating the production of keratin. The flower is an elixir for soft, shiny and radiant hair.

It was important for me to create something that would be comfortable and respectful of the hair and scalp. This is why we had the Temporary color gel tested on 270 people who identified as having a sensitive scalp. Even further, we also had it dermatologically tested on 140 people with sensitive scalps. None of them experienced clinical signs or discomfort.

Finally, when it comes to choosing your shade, each of them was developed and formulated to adapt to any hair color. Inspired by the natural shades of Parisians, they blend with the natural base for a subtle and discreet result. The range of four shades is simple yet complete, to easily choose the right tone. Opt for the color closest to the natural base, when in doubt pick the lightest one.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!