Hydration vs. Nutrition

Knowing what your hair needs is the best way to adopt the hair care routine that is best suited for you!

Although they seem very similar, hair that need to be hydrated or nourished actually lack very different things!

Here are a few tips I like to share to make sure you give your hair exactly what it needs!


When your hair lacks moisture, it needs hydration

If your hair feels:

  • dry and rough
  • dull
  • sensitive to static electricity
  • inflated on contact with humidity
  • Then, the hydrating line with aloe vera would be your ideal routine!


When your hair lacks lipids, it needs nutrition.

If your hair feels:


You feel like you fit into both categories? No worries, that's common too!

You need both hydration and nutrition.

    • The hydrating mist will be your best ally. Use it after washing your hair and before applying any hair oil or styling cream. Oh, and it's obviously silicone-free!
    • Once a week, give your hair a little extra attention so it gets all the nutrition it needs. Here is my essentials routine in action for a week-end treatment that will leave your hair deeply nourished and repaired: