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Color SOS

During my years as a colorist, I have discovered the essentials to maintain a beautiful color... is affected by natural oxidation, which makes it very difficult when you color your hair

Oxidation affects hair over time, adding a red or yellow tone to lighter and darker shades. Although this is a normal process, I wanted to share a few tips so you can keep your color intact for as long as possible!

The first thing you should know is that color-treated hair requires special care. The most important ritual to adopt, whatever your hair type, is this:

Once a week, apply a small amount of my Moisturizing hair oil with lavender all over your hair and brush it in with a boar bristle brush to ensure the product is evenly distributed. You can apply it before going to the gym or to sleep to optimize the effects! The longer it sits, the better. The oil will reinforce the hair's lipidic layer, all the while nourishing and repairing the hair fiber to prevent hair breakage.

After applying this oil, use my cleansing mask with lemon. This conditioning shampoo is the most gentle formula to cleanse hair. Think about it this way: you would not want to wash your silks or cashmeres with a harsh detergent as it would end up damaging the fabric, same for your hair, it's important to wash them with a shampoo that contains little to no detergent. The cleansing mask with lemon, cleanses hair gently, while deeply nourishing the fiber and locking in color thanks to the lemon peel extract. 

Cleansing mask with lemon & Moisturizing hair oil with lavender

My second tip is to adapt your hair care according to your hair type:

Bleaching and highlighting involve lifting the hair cuticles to remove natural pigments without replacing them. This alkaline process is aggressive on the hair, leaving it weakened and porous. Nutrition is therefore a top priority. My Antioxidant with 4 oils and blueberry range has been specifically formulated to rebuild the hair fiber on damage hair caused by bleaching and highlighting processes. Thanks to a combination of plant oils, and blueberry which are known to contain natural antioxidants, this line helps prevent natural oxidation, a phenomenon that accentuates undesirable and brassy tones.


For color-treated hair (which is slightly less sensitive):

It is important to prioritize gentle cleansing products with a slightly acidic pH to seal in pigments in the hair fiber. My Color fixator wheat germ shampoo is ideal for this. For best results, apply my Color fixator wheat germ mask after shampooing. This frequent ritual will maintain your color and guarantee long-lasting shine. Whatever your hair type, I advise applying a deep treatment once a week to maintain hydration!

Color fixator wheat germ shampoo and mask

An extra tip to prevent color from fading and helping it be more luminous?

As a final touch, use one of my three Finishing Lotions with plant vinegars: regenerating, purifying or brightening.

The virtues of vinegar combined with an acidic pH remove residues on hair (hard water, limestone, oils, etc.) and seal the cuticles of the hair which boost shine and color.

Finally, if you notice your color has turned a bit brassy, yellow, or reddish or you simply want revive your color, my shade variation care range is just the thing!

These products add color pigments naturally and in a very subtle way - all the while nourishing hair deeply. Apply on damp hair from root to tip and leave for 5 to 30 minutes depending on the desired intensity. Then rinse very thoroughly and you will see, a vibrant color and repaired ends! 

Hair finish lotions with vinegar