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How to protect your color during the summer?

During the hot summer months, hair is much more exposed than during the rest of the year. Sun exposure, sea, and swimming pools are all factors that – just like your skin – will dry out hair and scalp. The salt and the chlorine will dull your color. That is why it is essential to protect and take good care of your hair just like you would for your skin…


1st step – Before leaving on vacation:

• Refresh your ends by getting rid of your split ends.

• Get your color done 8 to 15 days before your summer vacation or get a light balayage with simply a few highlights around your face. Keep it light though, because the sun will take care of the rest.. !

• At least once a week, apply the moisturizing hair oil with lavender and let it sit all night long. Nourished and hydrated, your hair will be more resistant to UV rays and other agressions.


2nd step – At the beach:

Apply moisturizing hair oil during the day, do not hesitate to re-apply! Enriched with lavender essential oils, wheat germ oil and olive oil, it also contains protection against UV rays : SPF 6, which helps the hair to nicely « tan ». Indispensable for a sun effect without the brassy tones on darker hair and yellow tones on lighter and blonde hair.


3rd step – In the evening:

It is important to make sure your shampoo does not contain detergent to avoid sensitizing your damaged hairs even more making them more fragile. My cleansing mask with lemon was the first low-poo formula on the market. Its non-detergent formula makes it a 3-in-1 product : gently cleanses, deeply nourishes and locks in color thanks to the lemon peel extracts, camomile and, St John’s wort. It will perfectly eliminate the moisturizing hair oil with lavender that you will have applied during the day. My extra tip: Forget about your blow dryer and take advantage of the heat to let your hair dry naturally.


cleansing hair mask


Can we swim in the pool or the ocean after coloring hair?

Swimming pools are very bad for natural or colored hair because of the chlorine it contains. Chlorine has tendency of giving green shades to hair colors and is extremely detergent. The solution ? Coat your hair with moisturizing hair oil with lavender and wear a swimming cap in silicone which will be very efficient in preserving the beauty of your colored hair. Then, carefully wash your hair after swimming in the pool. My extra tip: if your blonde hair has green shades because of the pool, dissolve a packet of aspirin in a glass of water and humidify your strands for 5 minutes.


Volumizing spray: the best hair reflex for natural volume during the summer?

First off, you have to towel-dry your hair really well. Then, spray on the roots first and then on the lengths my instant volumizing spray. Add a few rolls, lightly heat from afar and let them cool down. Your hair will be styled without feeling dehydrated !


color protection - christophe robin